About me

It all started when…

Born, 1991

Slough. The oldest of three children – one brother, one sister and two dogs.

Grew up pre internet, pre mobile phones. Social networking was knocking on my friends’ door and causing mischief in our road (maybe even running through fields of wheat).

Got a paperboy job, sucked at it! Stuck at it.

Rock music was always on at home. At school I learnt to play the drums – I wanted to become a rockstar, (spoiler alert) I didn’t. I did get to play in front of Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), cool! Joined a band called “rocktational” NOT COOL. Got kicked out of the band for not being cool enough, cried. Dusted myself off joined another band. Organised a festival – called it Dezfest, raised lots of money for charity.

Got a job at my local Waitrose. Meat and Fish Counter. Loved it. Learnt: to sell; to look after customers; to know what good looked like; how to gut fish! I smelt of fish.

Became a foodie, put on weight. Learnt to cook. Love eating. Pizzas. Burgers. Roast Dinners. Curry. A curry with my Grandad is one of my favourite things. 

Moved to Nottingham – went to Uni, Business & HR. Grew up. Partied. Studied. Partied some more. Studied even more.

Did a placement year in HR. Restructured over 300 Waitrose shops, reducing the redundancy risk.

Graduated, got a 2:1. One of eight to get on the Waitrose Leadership Graduate Scheme out of thousands of applicants. 

Various management positions in Waitrose shops, Oxfordshire, North London, Bath, Sussex. Led teams from 5 through to 150 people. Achieved lots. Had fun. 

Moved to Bath.

Got a girlfriend, Sally. She is still with me, don’t know how, she’s great!

Got a job in the Waitrose property team. Developed the investment plan. Completely rewrote the rules for investing and refurbishing shops. It’s now fundamental to the Waitrose strategy.  

Moved to Brighton.

Coolest place I’ve lived. Ate my way round Brighton’s restaurant scene.

Became a Branch Manager. Restructured the shop’s management team, changed the operating model. Delivered sales and profit growth in a declining grocery market.

Tried to grow a beard.

Took a role as the retail lead for a large supply chain change project.

Moved to Windsor.

Want to get a dog. Join a band. Grow a beard.

Joined CrossFit, trying to work off all that food from Brighton.

It hurts, a lot!

Spent my time developing property, retail change and strategy plans – be that finding new ways to do things, save Waitrose money, where to open stores, or how to improve the customer experience for our online customers.

Moved back to Brighton!

Fast forward to 2020, COVID hits, work at home becomes “the thing” so we move back to Brighton, get a dog and I change my job. I now help retailers solve their problems.

Still trying to grow my beard. Still doing Crossfit and it still hurts. Still eating my way around Brighton and trying to work off the gut. Sally is somehow, still with me.

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