Hi, I’m Ed…

… I currently work in retail, specifically in property, change and strategy – and I have a background in store operations (from shelf stacker to branch manager). I really enjoy retail, but I am interested in so much more (the wider FMCG market and food industry, consumer problems, politics and history).

The thing I love more than anything else at work is solving a problem – I absolutely love a challenging situation or problem thrown at me, taking a deep look at it, working out what to do and seeing that through.

I’m not ashamed to admit it though, I am a retail-geek. I love the industry, we move quickly, we adapt, we focus on the customer – so I created this site and blog as a way to comment, analyse and debate what is going on in the marketplace, and from time to time elsewhere in the economy.

If you are interested in talking, I’d love to chat, please get in touch through using the form below